Looking for a top listing agent in Chicago? An experienced listing agent can make a meaningful difference in maximizing your financial upside and managing a smooth transaction, from step one to getting you to the closing table.

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Check out DebraDobbs.com, your one stop guide to Chicago Real Estate and all that the city has to offer! Be sure to click over to the blog for my insider tips on buying and selling your home, market updates, my favorite local spots, and more!
Among Chicago’s most elite realtors, Debra is consistently ranked in the top 1% in the city, and has been named one of Chicago Agent’s Top Ten agents. She’s has listed and sold hundreds of homes in the Chicago area.
Debra: Top Listing Agent In Chicago
The Chicago Real Estate market can be overwhelming to navigate on your own. Give me a call and I’m happy to share my expertise on everything from real estate, to the best each neighborhood has to offer, to making Limoncello. (I've got a great recipe!)
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Listing Agent What is a listing agent? A listing agent is a realtor that assists you in selling your house–also known as a “seller’s agent” and is your advocate and quarterback through the entire marketing and closing process. She’ll evaluate your home and, based on pricing in the current Chicago real estate market, recommend a fair listing price. Your listing agent will also provide recommendations on how to ensure your home sells in a reasonable time frame at a price that is in line with comparable properties, including offering thoughtful staging advice and implementation, a pre-listing inspection and maintenance plan, and a strategic marketing plan. Do I have to pay for a listing agent in Chicago? If you choose to retain the services of a listing agent you will pay the brokerage firm at the closing, and out of the proceeds of the sale. Your listing brokerage firm will pay a fee to the buyer’s brokerage firm. The buyer and seller agents are paid by their respective brokerage firms. The commission paid typically includes all marketing expenses. Why you should work with a Chicago listing agent to sell your home: An experienced real estate agent will provide 3 crucial advantages to a client looking to list and sell their home; on-point pricing, relationships with other agents with whom she will network to put your listing front and center, and back office assistance to make sure that no detail is overlooked in getting to the closing table. I use a project management tool called Smartsheet to manage each listing and buyer project. The listing ‘to-do’ sheet includes 98 individual tasks from first contact with a prospective listing client to delivery of the closing gift. Top agents have access to Top Agent Network, a pocket listing portal which is used by member agents while they prepare a home for listing. Marketing and exposure of your home to other agents and prospective buyers is an important benefit working with a listing agent–only licensed agents can add your home to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)–which in turn, syndicates with other websites like Trulia, Redfin, and Zillow. In other words, if you want the broadest exposure to potential buyers –you want to be in the MLS. Working with a listing agent is also essential for your protection in the transaction. Your agent will verify potential buyers are qualified for the purchase of your home and will negotiate on your behalf to make sure your best interests are top of mind to arrive at final deal terms. How to spot a great listing agent. A great listing agent will know the market inside and out. She will have references to share with you to back up the positive reviews and testimonials you will find on her website. Perhaps most importantly, the right agent for you will inspire confidence during your initial meeting. Is she someone who will have your back during a tough negotiation? A top level listing agent will know the nuances of your neighborhood; property values block by block; the impact your neighborhood schools have on property value; proximity to shops, restaurants and public transportation. Working with an agent that knows your neighborhood will ensure she knows the best way to market your home, and how to best appeal to buyers that will be looking to live in your community. Debra has served as a listing agent for hundreds of sellers in the Chicago area for the past 30 years. She is a Top 50 Agent in Chicago. As a native Chicagoan, Debra knows the ins and outs of the cyclical real estate market. Think this might be the perfect match? Have more questions on working with a listing agent? Not sure of where to go next? Get in touch with Debra today–she’d love to help you sell your home!

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